Upstream Sector

  • Marginal Oil Field Acquisitions: Falcon Next Limited is building the requisite technical and financial capacity that would ensure that it is poised to undertake operatorship of MFAs, within Nigeria.
  • Farm-Ins and Acquisitions of Nigerian MFAs and Foreign Oil Field Assets looking acquire a substantial stake of an existing MFA, currently owned or operated by a local Nigerian company
  • PSC Arrangements; Local and Foreign Assets Local Assets (PSC) FNC currently has a model and plan for taking up marginal fields divested by IOCs
  • Ocean and Engineering Services Focused on upstream engineering services, we are building capacity for:
    • On-shore and offshore Asset Maintenance and management
    • Deep offshore Rig services
    • Drilling Engineering Services
    • Well logging and wireline services
    • EPC’s
  • Marine Services Created to focus on Upstream/platform E&P support services:
    • Vessel Transportation Services to and fro offshore platforms
    • Loading and discharge cargo operations
    • Ocean towing
    • Emergency Response

Downstream Sector

 Falcon Next Limited Trading Products

  • Light products such as Automotive Gas oil (AGO) -“Diesel”; Dual purpose kerosene (DPK)-“Kerosene”; Premium motor spirit (PMS) -“Petrol”; and Aviation turbine kerosene (ATK) -“Jet fuel”.
  • Heavy products such as Low pour fuel oil (LPFO); High pour fuel oil (HPFO); Lubricants; and Bitumen

Other Mandates

  • Establish three 50,000 metric tons storage facilities, in at least three regions within Nigeria, in order to facilitate our product distribution efforts. These storage facilities will further ensure adequate penetration of various markets, from the southern region of the country, all the way to the North. Talks have commenced internally, towards the fulfillment of the first facility (50,000 MT) within the south East region, with a target to commission the project by Q3, 2018
  • Setting up of a modular refinery (10,000-25,000 bpd) Focus on serving the Nigerian market and neighboring countries
  • Develop and roll-out a fully functional lube plant
  • Set up a trading company offshore (in Geneva). Within the Falcon Next Trading division, focused on physical and paper trades of various refined petroleum products
  • Establish at least 185 filling stations (5 in each state) in Nigeria, within the next 10 years.


Falcon Next Logistic is a division within The Company, earmarked for land and marine transportation and logistical support of Falcon Next Trading in the areas of onshore and marine distribution of refined products via third party engagements and collaboration.

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